Limo rental fiasco

It’s funny. I called a limo company the other day looking to rent something that would take me and my 7 best friends down to Sports Authority Field (formerly known as Mile High Stadium) for the next Broncos game.

Classic White Jag

Now, I’ve been in a limo a couple of times within the last 2 years, but I haven’t rented one myself, well, never! Therefore as it was my first go-round, I called a couple companies to see what the heck the deal was, how much a limo was to rent, what types of limos were available, etc.

What I found out was that 1995 prices, when I was a senior in High School, had amazingly gone up from the normal 50 bucks an hour they were back then. Then I had to remember I’m 37 years old, am married with a kid, and I’m not 18 anymore. Nor do I have the limited surplus of cash I, and my friends, had when we were 18.

After banging the ear drums of a couple limo company owners in town (how do I know they were owners? Because I asked!), we settled on a beautiful 8 passenger Jaguar Limo to do the job. All in all, for a service of 8 hours, we’re looking at $800, including tip, so about a Hundred bucks a guy.  This is the company we went with below. Pretty stellar if you ask me.

Now, you might say that a hundred bucks a person is a little over the top, but what if every single one of those guys had a few beers while at the game? Then how about every single one of your buddies drove home, and got picked off by the Po-Po and had to go to jail for a nasty DUI? You feel me now?

Therefore, money well spent. And besides, when was the last time, or when will be the next time you can say that you went to a sporting event in a pimped out Jaguar Stretch? Unless you’re a baller, probably never again. Point. Made.

Things you can go ahead and skip when you ride a limo to a sporting event:

Parking. Driving. Looking through the windshield at traffic. Cops. Normal Everyday Life.

You get the idea.

I’ll letcha know how the ride goes, and if there’s any holes in the limo at the end of the night. Someone’s gonna be firing some arrows, so hopefully it’s not into the upholstery after the game!