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Archery like shooting at new or used cars?

I’ve often thought about archery when I’m off to buy a new or used car.

Arrow in bulls eye target blurred from speed

Why? Well, think about it. You’re at a car dealership, and there’s so much sleaze emanating from the salesperson that you can literally smell the slime. I haven’t bought a car since 2009, but I can imagine it’s still virtually the same.

Back to my original point. You might as well bring a bow and arrow with you to the dealership, because you’ll need a long and accurate shot to nail the car that you really want to purchase and leave with.  How many times do you shoot for something you see in an advertisement on Craig’s List, or in the newspaper in the classifieds, and, low and behold, when you get there, the scumbag has pulled the good old switcheroo on you? It’s happening to me, that’s why I’m complaining about it.

I don’t imagine for one second that running a new or used car dealership is by any means easy. But what is easy, for every day honest people like myself is that being honest is an easy thing! That seems to fly out the window when a purchase is in sights for that bad breathed used car salesman.

Now, there’s many different ways to buy a car these days. Sitting through a six hour auction to finally bid on the car of your dreams. Hiring a buyer’s agent (which I’ve found is a really really good decision!) is new and improved, with the access they have to the internet, and being able to find you the truck, suv, or sedan you desire.  These are very good tricks to learn. Why?

Think about it. Car dealerships have HUGE markups when it comes to the sticker price on their cars because of all of the real estate they have to pay, all of the employees they have on payroll, and all of the other ancillary items they have to pay for on a monthly basis. Auctions don’t have nearly the same kind of overhead, and Buyer’s agents simply have to contact auction houses, manafacturers, or find cars that are a certain price that you have specified. Pretty simple and sweet, am I right?!

Yes, I’m right, because I’ve seen the process in action. My father in law just purchased a sweet Ford Truck at auction for about 2 grand less than the Blue Book value, and I have a buddy who just bought a Honda Pilot from a buyer’s agent, saving him over $5K off the sticker price of what it would have been at the dealership. Not. Bad. Right. There.

So, if you’re looking to use less arrows, and put away your bow, those are two things that can creep into that big melon of yours to marinate on. I’ve made the mistake before, and done it the wrong way, and paid mightily for it.

There’s my rant for today, Apologies for going off topic a bit. But, hey, that’s why it’s a rant! Peace out grease out.