Bachelor party, steak and limo style!

I was invited to a bachelor party this past weekend. This was no run of the mill bachelor party, as it was for my best friend. The dude that I grew up with, blaring out Bon Jovi at the top of our lungs way too many times to count. The dude that would accompany me to steal my parents liquor bottles, and sneak them downstairs while my folks thought we were innocently watching Karate Kid in the basement. The dude who bought me a round trip airplane ticket to Maui for a college graduation gift. The dude who consistently goes out of his way to make sure that my daughter has a cool present on her birthdays. Yeah, that dude. Did I mention that he’s 6’3″ and goes about 300 pounds?

Therefore I couldn’t skimp out on his bachelor party. If I did, he would remind me that he flew to Chicago for my stag weekend, and therefore I would forever be in the bachelor party dog-house.

He gave me two must haves… Great food. And a massive limousine to make sure that all of his 18 invitees would be properly taken care of for the evening.

Since most of us were located all over the great state of Colorado, we made it a point to meet in a couple locations, and that in those locations there was a hotel room so none of us would have to get behind the wheel after a long night sucking back on some Fireball.

There was no way I wasn’t going to be under-prepared for this night, so I set out to find the perfect restaurant, and the perfect limousine. The restaurant was easy. I knew that my large behemoth of a friend wanted the best steak whenever he had the opportunity, and since we were all chipping in and paying ourselves, I booked the best steak joint I could find, Sullivan’s in Lower Downtown Denver. If you haven’t tried this joint, do yourself a favor, and visit right meow. The service is first class, drinks are divine, and the cuts of meat are so fresh you would think the cow was right out back being quartered.

T-bone with seasoning

Back to the limo. I checked out a few companies to make sure that we had something big enough to fit all of us, and reasonable enough to lug us around for 8-9 hours while we were being chauffeured all over the Front Range. We found a 18 person Cadillac Escalade Stretch that did the job just fine. This beauty had wood floors, a booming sound system, and enough flat screens for all of us to watch a movie if we pleased. Mainly, the best part of it was it was so dang big that we could all talk to each other without having to worry about turning around and looking backwards. The amount of laughter that ensued over the 9 hours that our party lasted was obviously critical to the enjoyment of the evening.

After absolutely roasting my buddy to the gills, and revealing every last detail of every relationship that he has ever had, we made sure to spend way too much money on him to show him the true appreciation that he has shown us for so many years. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the night, as phones and cameras were not allowed (that was my rule..), so therefore use your imagination to capture the ridiculousness of the night. And I’ll leave out the details of the gentlemen’s club…