Booking on the day of? Really?

It’s rather amazing how little time people leave themselves before they book a limo. You know the type: They expect to simply call a company up a day before their special occasion, and expect a limo to be available. Oh, and they want it at their desired price. Unfortunately, it’s almost 2015. Costs to either lease or buy a limousine are much higher, maintenance on these mammoth vehicles much be completed much more routinely than ordinary vehicles because of the excessive mileage that is put on them every single day. Gas prices are fortunately on the decline (and hopefully staying there), but that does not mean that a 10 passenger stretch vehicle should rent for $40 bucks an hour. This isn’t 1980 anymore people…

When people call the day before to book a ride, they don’t realize a few things. First, availability will be scarce, as most responsible people will have booked their rental at least two weeks in advance. Second, the work that goes into a limo rental isn’t the same as a taxicab. Third, most limo chauffeurs are not full time chauffeurs, unless they live in a big city, and are guaranteed a full day of work, or at least the opportunity to make enough in tips so they can support their family. Therefore, if a reservation is attempted to be made the day before service is expected, a driver may just not be available. Get it? Call earlier than a day ahead of time. It’ll help your cause. The owner of one of the local limo companies told me that she has to turn down at least a hundred reservations per year because people simply call too late before they want a lift, and they can’t accommodate them for a number of reasons. This obviously isn’t just something I’m making up.

To whit, on the evening of December 29th, people were calling like crazy to try and reserve a limo for New Year’s Eve. Seriously people, that call should have been made about three weeks ago. It’s a wide known fact that taxi cabs are extremely scarce on New Year’s Eve, and you don’t want to be the one that is going to get behind the wheel. Or perhaps you get to the point where you try to walk home 4 miles in the blistering cold, with uncomfortable shoes on. Point. Made.

So, let’s stop trying to ignore the fact that you’re not a planner. Let’s figure things out a bit further in advance, and make sure that limousine is available on New Year’s Eve to take you back home for a cozy, if not sober night’s sleep.